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July 3, 2021

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Blogging Resources

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Are you a blogger? A book blogger?

During 2020, I participated in a Blog Audit Challenge. Maybe you will find my posts helpful…. you will find them all here:

Find January’s Challenge Here…Mission Statement and SWOT Analysis.

Find February’s Challenge Here…Information Pages.

Find March’s Challenge Here…the Trimmings.

Find April’s Challenge Here…Design.

Find May’s Challenge Here…SEO.

Find June’s Challenge Here…Links.

Find July’s Challenge Here…Quality Content.

Find August’s Challenge Here…Content Gap.

Find September’s Challenge Here…Developing Readership.

Find October’s Challenge Here…Social Networking.

Find November’s Challenge Here…Press and Collaborations.

Find December’s Challenge Here…Know Your Stats.

My Experiences With Block Editor

Block Editor Update
A Week in the Life of the Block Editor and Me

4 Years of Blogging Reflections:

Don’t Be a Stranger: How to Make Connections in the Book Blogging Community
5 Year Blogiversary: Stats, Tips, Survey (survey followup here)
4 Year Blogiversary: 4 Things to Share
3 Year Blogiversary
2 Year Blogiversary
1 Year Blogiversary
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So Thankful For Bloggers Helping Bloggers:

My Blogging friend Karen on her blog, Booker Talk, has a page with posts addressing a variety of book blogging topics from A-Z….each one is helpful!

Book Blogging From A-Z

Another wonderful resource for blogging tips is from Hugh’s Views and News:

Blogging Tips

Block Editor…How To