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July 6, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Reasons Why I Love Reading

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Reasons Why I Love Reading (Image: white text over a tall stack on hard back book on a blue painted table)

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I’m linking up today with That Artsy Reader Girl: Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Reasons Why I Love Reading.

Why do YOU love to read?

The most simple reason I love reading is that I’m a lifelong reader and have always loved the world of words. I’m the kid who read the cereal box with my breakfast in the morning.

People who love reading and are lifelong readers, usually love it for several of the same reasons. I suppose that many readers could make a similar list. I’m joining in with other TTT list makers today to celebrate the love of reading. Which reason would top your list? Do you have other reasons why you love reading?

I Love Reading….


To Experience Different Lives/Times/Cultures

One of the most significant benefits of reading is transporting yourself to different time periods and experiencing different cultures. I often wonder how I would have lived my life during various times and circumstances. Reading improves the imagination.


To Develop Understanding and Compassion

Reading enhances compassion for others as we see life from other perspectives.


To Increase My Knowledge

I love historical fiction because I am continuing my education. Hazards of reading histfic include falling down Google rabbit holes as I am enticed to research different people, time periods, and events. Reading makes you smarter.


To Escape

I wonder how non-readers survived the pandemic? Although my reading tastes gravitated toward lighter, happier reads during the pandemic, I could always turn off the news and escape into books. Days under lockdown never felt too bleak as I leaped into different imaginary worlds! Reading provides armchair travel and gives you places to go when you have to stay home.


To Experience “Book People Are the Best People”

Have you ever seen someone reading in a coffee shop or on a train and knew that you could be friends with that person because he/she was reading a book? Readers attract other readers and are the most interesting and thoughtful conversationalists! In addition, through blogging I have discovered the fabulous international book blogging community! Reading brings people together.


To Be a Good Conversationalist

One of my favorite conversation starters is “What are you reading?” or “What is your favorite book so far this year?” or “Do you have a favorite literary character?” or “Do you have a favorite author or genre?” Talking about books gives people opportunities to discuss a variety of important and meaningful topics. I’m always flummoxed when the answer is “I don’t read.” Hummmm……. At that point, I ask the person to recall a time in their life when they did enjoy a book. Just recently my grandson, who is not a huge reader, told me that the only book he really ever enjoyed reading was Wild Robot. I think that’s great that he has identified one book that has given him a fond reading memory. I believe people who don’t read just haven’t found the right book yet, so my brain begins whirling with recommendations that would hook them.


To Endure Waiting

Actually, I look forward to waiting rooms! Even a long checkout line is a reading opportunity (if you carry your library with you in your pocket via the Kindle app). A thirty-minute wait in the school pick-up line becomes an excellent reading occasion! Even traffic can be a blessing if you are listening to an audiobook!


To Never Experience Boredom

Nothing on TV? No problem when you’ve got a book. All your friends are busy and you don’t have plans? No problem when you can read. Is it raining all weekend or you’re enduring an unprecedented heatwave or you’re under a hurricane or tornado worming and your outdoor plans have been canceled? Books to the rescue. Children need entertainment? Read a book together and then watch the movie. Books can be your best friend.


To Enjoy Inexpensive Entertainment

Books can be expensive, but there are ways to read on the cheap. Libraries, thrift stores, yard sales, Little Free Libraries, swapping with friends, watching for Kindle deals, asking publishers for ARCs, and Amazon gift cards for birthdays are all ways to cut down on book buying expenses. Last year I read 131 books: over 50% were from the library and another 30% were ARCs…..I bought only a small percentage of books last year and those were almost all on sale. A night at the movies or dinner in a restaurant will likely cost more than a book purchase.


To Give Book Recommendations

As a reader, I always have book recommendations! I love being able to find just the right book for a gift or make a perfect recommendation!


What’s your number one reason why you love reading?

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  1. All of the above! I watch Kindle deals and GoodReads giveaways like it was my job LOL. I also like reading because it’s been a habit since I was nine years old. It’s been a constant in my life. How many hobbies can you say that you can grow with throughout the years?

  2. I agree with all of these, but I particularly love #6. I think being someone who is well known for being a reader makes me more accessible. Even people who don’t read know they can always start a conversation with me by asking, “What are you reading?” or “What’s the best book you’ve read this year?” I love it when people, especially non-readers, make that effort. Of course, I have longer conversations with those who actually read, but still…

    Happy TTT!


  3. I love your answers Carol. I just commented on another post about the people I have met when I am in Florida because they are reading and I stop and talk to them about their book. Some of them are there every year and we have become good friends. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t read, it is unfathomable.

    • Right?! What do people do who don’t read?! And reading is a great way to make friends! 🙌 virtually and IRL!

  4. I have always loved reading as well. There was a time when I was working full-time and attending college when I didn’t have time to read what I wanted to read and I remember longing for the time when I could read what I wanted to read.

    I read for all of the same reasons you do, but I think my number one reason is that I am fully relaxed when I am reading. I realized this when going through a particularly difficult season. Like you Carol, I can’t imagine how people who don’t read deal with difficult times.

  5. All of these responses resonated with me Carol, especially learning new things and escaping. I also use our local library and the apps available, so I’m not spending too much money on my reading addiction. I also agree with Gretchen above, I am at my most relaxed when reading a book. I can block out the world around me and just be in the book. That’s why I find audio books a bit hard at times, I am always doing something like driving or walking while listening to them and I can’t get the pictures from the words like I can when I read the words myself – if that makes sense! Great list!

  6. I could relate to all of these. Making a decision a few years ago to read more books from authors around the world has given me far more insight into different cultures. Your number 6 reason is an good one. I’ve used books and reading as ice breakers when visiting colleagues in different countries : asking someone what books they would recommend from their country helped break down reservations.

  7. All great reasons! Never being bored, for sure — there’s no excuse for having nothing to do! (And I never understand how people can sit on an airplane for hours without a book in their hands… I think I would be looking for an exit and a parachute if I couldn’t read on planes!)
    My TTT

    • I think the same about people who sit on planes and in waiting rooms without reading! Hopping over now to read your post.

  8. 10 wonderful reasons for reading Carol. Plus, look at all the ‘friends’ we get to make and chat with that we would never have otherwise met! ❤📚

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